Customer Service Manager

Location: Santo Domingo, DR
Closing Date: Thursday 16 December 2021


Job Title:  Customer Service Manager

Position Summary:

The Customer Services Manager of interCaribbean Airways will provide leadership and strategic direction to ensure all customer service activities and support services are carried out with applicable procedures and regulations so that the company offers consistent service to its customers

Work Hours:

The airline industry is a 24/7- 365-day business.  The candidate will need to possess the ability to work a full-time schedule including weekends, and holidays as the business requires.   The company business operates in a Hurricane Zone, and thus for as much as six months of the year, the work need can be longer than a normal day.   As with all senior posts at this level, there can be some regular travel and some work undertaken outside contracted hours.

Direct Reports:

Reservations and Customer Service Representatives

Internal Interfaces

With Station Operations, Accounting, Human Resources, Training and Sales and Marketing Teams primarily.

External Interfaces

Service providers; Suppliers/Contractors such as GDS Providers, PSS Providers, ATPCO, IATA consultation and services, Customs, Immigration Departments.


Include, but not limited to the following:

  1. To manage and continually develop customer services policies and procedures to a world class customer service operations department.
  2. In conjunction with Human Resources recruit, and train Customer Service Agents and be responsible for developing and evaluating staff performance.
  3. To manage and approve employee work schedule,
  4. Monitor, control and evaluate Customer Service responses in accordance with company policies, processes and regulations.
  5. Maintain a thorough knowledge of the industry, the company and adheres to all organizational standards.
  6. Work with others in developing the company management system, including service quality assurance
  7. Assess, plan, develop and implement customer services strategy to target 100% customer satisfaction. Develop feedback or complaints procedures for internal use;
  8. Develop and compile customer satisfaction measurement indices to accurately capture and measure customer’s perception of company products.
  9. Prepare and implement company customer service policy manual and execute training / indoctrination of company customer service culture.
  10. Assess and implement training programs for reservations and all direct report customer service contact personnel.
  11. Providing help and advice to customers relating to services;
  12. Actively communicate courteously with customers by telephone, email, letter and face to face; and producing reports analyzing customer service that your organization provides;
  13. Meeting with management team to discuss improvement opportunities in customer service delivery;
  14. Keeping ahead of developments in customer service via industry and supplier options.
  15. Plan and manage the department budget.
  16. Maintain excellent working relationship with external organizations and government offices where applicable ensuring company well received and presented professionally and positively.
  17. Respect confidentiality in discussing matters relating to staff/clients/stakeholders and organizational matters;
  18. Be responsible for developing, managing and scheduling staff, based on projected needs.
  19. Participate in department hiring of new team members.
  20. Report to work promptly.
  21. Assist in other activities as needed and directed.


The ability to interpret and apply complex technical information

  • Experience in Airline reservations systems, GDS systems, Tariff Filing, Customer Service delivery to lead management of these systems.
  • Experience with use of IP phones and PBX networks
  • Experienced user of technical use-related aspects of personal computer environment.
  • Advanced skill in communicating in critical situations, orally, and in writing with business, education and community leaders.
  • Advanced skills in statistical and role related financial analysis
  • Advanced skill in manning personnel through subordinate professional, management, or supervisory staff
  • Mastery skills in working with others in both authority and non-authority relationships on a routine basis.


Education and/or Experience

The Customer Services Manager must have a minimum of 8 years management experience in the airline industry of which 4 should be in management level in the related discipline.

The incumbent must hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in computer science, business administration or related discipline. A Master’s degree is information systems management is preferred.

Computer Experience

Competent in Email, Database and Microsoft office tools.

Other Skills required

  • Knowledge of the practices and procedures relating to the creation and implementation of policy and procedures.
  • Effective management, supervisory and negotiation ability.
  • Knowledge of aviation industry standards, practices & policies.
  • Clear and concise communicator.


The incumbent must maintain strict confidentiality in performing the duties of the Customer Service Manager.  The incumbent must also demonstrate the following personal attributes:

  • Be honest and trustworthy
  • Be respectful
  • Possess cultural awareness and sensitivity
  • Be flexible
  • Demonstrate sound work ethics


The successful candidate will work in an office environment overseeing the customer service teams in several locations across the Caribbean.  With several office locations, we are open to a location within our network of cities that provides for easy access to travel.

interested candidates may send their resume with PDF or Word document format together with a cover letter to  In the subject line enter Customer Service Manager.  Shortlisted candidates only will be contacted.