interCaribbean Flight History & Brand


interCaribbean Airways or “interCaribbean” is the successor brand of Air Turks & Caicos (2003) Ltd.  In late 2013 Air Turks & Caicos, had been operating for over 21 years.   With opportunities to expand across the Caribbean by providing comfortable intercaribbean flights, the company determined to reach expanded markets, it was time to consider a new brand.   Using the talented designers of Lila Design, the new brand was conceived to reflects the heritage of the company, the colours of the Caribbean and be a brand that was representative of a Caribbean Airline.

Light and Dark Blue represents the ocean close to and further from the shores, Green to represent the fertile soils and mountains, Magenta to represent both the heritage of the company and the colours of the Flamingos found across our beautiful Caribbean.


Brand Use Notes

Our brand is specific in the use and spelling of interCaribbean.  Please note when using and when referring to our brand.  Take note of the lower case letter “i” and the upper case letter “C”. the corporation is interCaribbean Airways Ltd.

In the use of the brand, we refer to the company as interCaribbean Airways, when written and for use in areas outside our core countries of service.

Our aircraft display the name interCaribbean on the fuselage.

In all cases, the use of our logo requires our approval to ensure the brand is properly represented or used.  We will gladly provide a logo specific to the use and size of the authorized user. Our brand guide provides information on the use of the logo, in a variety of colours and formats from interCaribbean Airways, interCaribbean or

The logo is available in colour formats for print and display use types..

Should you have a need to reproduce our logo for usage in advertising, media releases or cooperative advertising, ensure that you seek permission from us by writing to and provide information and examples of its intended use.  The use of colours is limited strictly to the colour guide of our brand.