Tropical Cyclone Nine

FRIDAY JULY 31, 2020


At this time Cyclone Nine became Tropical Storm Iaisas..  The storm has passed over the  Turks & Caicos heading to the Bahamas where it is expect to become a Hurricane.

The following flights are now cancelled

JY270 Providenciales to Nassau (31 JUL 2020)
JY271 Nassau to Providenciales (01 AUG 2020)
JY618 Kingston to Havana (31 JUL 2020)
JY459 Havana to Kingston (01 AUG 2020)

Cuba has not announced a date for opening of the borders.  Thus the earlier optimism for August or early August is not possible.  We will continue to monitor for updates and reschedule flights for first available dates for flights to Havana and to Santiago de Cuba.

All other flights are expected to operate at this time.



Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands, 6:52pm

As of this time, the storm named as Tropical Cyclone Nine continues across the Caribbean heading over the Dominican Republic and Haiti, with an onward trajectory covering Eastern Cuba and into Southern Florida, bringing a wide band of rains and winds.   Wind speeds are upwards of 39  MPH giving sustained winds for many hours as it passes by.

interCaribbean is monitoring the path and the storm speed as it expects potential impact to flight operations on Friday and Saturday for flights in the Jamaica, Dominican  Republic and Bahamas operations.

This site will be updated as we monitor the path and need to postpone or cancel any flights.  Our goal is to operate any flights that are pushed  back as soon as it is viable.  Customers are asked to monitor for announcements throughout this period.  We expect the storm to have fully passed by Sunday and resumption of operations where postponed.

Visit for updates on the storm path.