Added screening measures flights to USA and Territories take effect



Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands.  Effective July 20th new screening measures are applied to all flights departing to the United States and its Territories. interCaribbean offers flights from Providenciales and Tortola to San Juan


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All travelers can expect to experience greater scrutiny of personal electronic devices larger than a smart/cell phone, (laptops, tablets cameras, headphones etc.).  Medical devices are exempt. The procedure will vary by airport as to what screening is conducted and where.

With more travelers and more devices subject to screening and or additional screening, we encourage travelers to come to the airport early (or earlier).  Lines may be longer as more devices may be affected. If you are not a selectee passenger or in possession of a personal electrical device (PED) you may still be randomly selected for additional security screening. As of October 26th, all passengers will be subject to an interview at the check-in counter

All travelers carrying devices or not may be subject to added screening.


Tortola, British Virgin Islands

The Airport Authority will handle the screening of all flights departing from Tortola to include scrutiny of the above-mentioned devices. On or about 14th August there will be no random screening at the boarding gate.


Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands

Providenciales is a busy airport, with weekends seeing much higher level of flights and customers.  The additional screening will impose the need for more time for security processing, whether at the check point or the boarding gate.  Customers who are traveling with electronic devices should allow added time for screening and plan on being up to 1 hour earlier for check in.


Additional measures and changes may take place to these requirements.