Security: On Airplanes & Airports

Security at the Airport guarantees the security on airplanes and more! This is probably not your favourite place to stand in a line.  Security processes are part of the travel experience we all must subject ourselves to, in order to maintain safe travel for everybody.

Some of us approach the security experience as if this is the first time to travel on an aircraft.  Some of us visit the security process as if we are the only travellers at the airport taking a long time to be ready!  Let’s review what we can do to help things along and gain the respect of our fellow travellers.

First Time Traveler

If this is you in the security line, observe those in front of you, so you can be ready to move quickly through the security process.  The folks behind you will thank you.  By being ready in a long line, you will gain the respect of your fellow travellers by planning your readiness.

Readiness Tips

Well let’s see, you know you have a bunch of keys in your pocket, 3 laptops, and assorted phones so while you are in line, start getting ready to be at the front of the line.  Empty your pockets, all those metallic things you carry on you are going to excite the magnetometer and make you the subject of a closer look, while delaying the movement of others.  So while you are standing in line make sure you know what needs to be taken out, and then make a point of preparing yourself.  When you reach the front of the line grab those plastic bins, load your items that will be scanning such as your cell phone, laptop computer or tablet.  Don’t forget that you need to make sure that you push your bag into the belt.

We love on-time flights.

Help us to help you. If you can prepare yourself the lines and the queuing experience can be quicker.  If you are running late for your flight, we are sure you will thank the considerate traveller in front of you.  You will find that we, like all airlines, love to run on time. So if you are the last-minute traveller you just might not make your flight if you don’t move quickly.  At 10 minutes prior to the departure time if we cannot find you, we will start to look for any checked baggage you may have.  At 5 minutes if we have not found you, it’s probable that you will miss your flight.

We hope these tips give you something to consider.

Welcome Aboard!