Baggage Essentials: Free Checked Bags

Cabin Baggage

Each fare-paying passenger is entitled to carry on board (unless directed such be stowed in the aircraft hold) one piece not exceeding height  of 9 inches, width of 12 inches and total length 16 inches, not exceeding a total weight of 10 pounds.

Free Checked Baggage Allowance

interCaribbean Airways is one of the regional airlines with a “Free Checked Bags” option. This is determined by the fare class or fare family you purchase.  Lowest fares may not include a free checked bag.  Check your fare purchase to determine if the fare you paid for includes a free checked bag.

Bag Size Matters

When checking a bag that exceeds the single piece size limits, you can expect to pay additional costs for the carriage of such baggage.  Additionally, we will not guarantee any oversize piece will travel on your flight.  The maximum dimensions of a bag is 158 cm or 62 linear inches measured as follows ( Length plus Width plus Height).  If your bag weighs over 70 pounds we will be unable to accept as checked luggage.

Excess Baggage

See baggage allowance link on this section to determine your specific flight and the excess baggage costs. In every case excess baggage may be limited on a given flight and may not accompany you on this specific flight.  We reserve the right to limit the number of bags accepted on any given flight, and at certain times of the year may restrict any excess baggage from being carried.  In every case excess baggage will be delivered only to the airport in which we accept for travel on your purchased ticket.

Valuables, Medications

Do not pack valuables, keys, medications, cell phones, money into checked luggage.  If you need medications for any reason, carry them with you in your carry-on luggage or on your person.

Baggage Check Tags

Checked baggage will be delivered to bearer of the baggage check.

Late Check-In 

When you check baggage, you MUST allow sufficient time for it to be placed on your flight.   We “may” accept baggage at less than 30 minutes before scheduled departure and will be marked “Late Check-In”. We will make every effort, to get your bag on board but we will not guarantee this.  Should your baggage not make it we will make every effort to deliver it on our next available flight.  You will be required to pick this up at the airport of your destination.


If you have any perishable items, you will need to declare them.  Any such items MUST be packed in a leak proof container.  NOTE that the use of dry ice is limited o 2.5kg or 5lb ONLY per person in packing such perishables.