Carry on Bag: Restrictions

The airline restrictions for carry ons are as follows. One item of carry-on baggage is permitted per fare-paying passenger, so long as it does not exceed a maximum size of 9 inches x 12 inches by 16 inches, and does not weight more than a total of 10 pounds.

The Flight Crew have final authority and may require you to surrender your carry-on baggage for transfer to the baggage hold at their discretion. Failure to comply may result in denied passenger boarding.

Your carry on bag will be screened by security for its content, and any item deemed not permissible to travel will be confiscated.  Check your bag before you leave your home or office.  You may not carry on a long list of items such as guns, knives, nunchucks, needles, box cutters.

We recommend the TSA’s web site for a list of allowable carryon items or Security Information In Other Languages