Sports Equipment: Carrying Scuba Gear and Golf Clubs on a Plane


Scuba Gear

Restricted conditions apply. One set of scuba gear will be accepted, but applicable excess fees will be charged for each item over available baggage allowance.

Such charges apply to each direction of travel (applying extra piece, overweight or oversize). Accepted Diving Equipment:

• Scuba regulator
• Tank harness
• Tank pressure gauge (pressure-sensitive devices may need special packaging; refer to the manufacturer for advice)
• Face mask
• Fins
• Buoyancy control device
• Snorkel
• Weight belt
• Cylinder tank (this must be empty and presented at check-in for inspection showing tank valve open)
• A spear gun or harpoons (it must be unloaded with the spear/harpoon packed separately) Cylinders containing compressed air or a special gas mixture are prohibited. We can only accept empty cylinders (pressure gauge must read zero). Diving lamps must be disconnected, with the terminals taped over to prevent accidental functioning during transport.


Golf Clubs

Restricted conditions apply for taking golf clubs on a plane. The carriage of golf clubs is subject to space availability. The golf clubs may be the primary luggage item, or will be subject to additional baggage fees collection.

See optional fees and services for costs. We accept golf equipment as checked baggage; it must not exceed the maximum weight limit for a checked bag and must be packed in a protective golf bag or case to guard against damage. The bag can be up to a maximum size of 190cm x 75cm x 65cm (75in x 29.5in x 25.5in). Bags weighing more than 23kg (51lb) will incur a heavy bag charge. A golf umbrella, if carried separately, it will count as an item of baggage.