TSA 311: Limits on Liquids in a Carry On Bag

For travel that takes you to and from the USA be guided by the TSA 3-1-1.  Today many countries have adopted the same limits for all liquids on a plane carry on.  

When you travel, ensure that you pack any carry on toiletries into a clear see-through bag no larger than 1 litre in size.  The contents of which should contain individual containers of no greater than 100 ML or 3.5 oz.’s of liquids or gels.

When you arrive at the security checkpoints you will be expected to remove the bag from your luggage and place in a separate bin for screening.

To help expedite the security process, we ask that you be prepared and ready to remove your toiletries and other items to be scanned so to ensure you move quickly through security, and your fellow passengers who may be waiting for you to expedite your clearance.

When we all work together to expedite the process, together we make the security experience a much more pleasant experience for everybody.

Pack with these guidelines and you will expedite your security clearance and avoid any rejection of personal items.  We thank you for preparing for your journey.

When you are ready and prepared going through security is a breeze.  For more information on security processes visit TSA.GOV.

For travellers with specific medical conditions or disabilities, nursing mothers, those with medically needs CPAP machines, and those with culturally sensitive needs, we recommend you visit this link for guidance.  Click here.