Continued Disruption At South Caicos

December 7, 2016


We continue to await the TCIAA update the status of the airport that prevents us from operating commercial flights to South Caicos. As of late afternoon on December 5th, TCIAA instituted a procedure that is in conflict with the airport certification by the official issuance of a NOTAM (Notice to Airmen). In seeking a reason for the NOTAM, TCIAA declared the airport as an “uncontrolled airport”. Under present regulations commercial scheduled flights are not permitted at uncontrolled airports and thus we are unable to operate until this situation is determined.

We await TCIAA clarification on this. Official requests were made on December 6th early morning. A full 24 hours elapsed since seeking inputs and the legal need to suspend the flights pending clarification resulting in the need to cancel these flights today December 7th 2016

As we receive favorable updates or amendments to the procedure and the NOTAM, we can resume the normal schedule. We will post further information as it becomes available.

We apologize to travelers for the inconvenience this causes, but assure you that we are unable to conduct legal operations under these conditions.